1966 Chevy II Nova SS Coupe Vintage Ad


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This 1966 vintage ad for the Chevy II Nova Coupe Super Sport has a color photo of a the interior of the car with a young woman about to get in the other side. The ad also has a smaller photo at the bottom of the exterior of the car from a rear diagonal view with the caption, “We’ve done for the economy car what Cinderella’s friend did for the pumpkin.”

Year Published: 1966
Approximate overall size – inches: 10 x 13
Grade: Excellent

“Even better, Chevy II’s coachwork is by Fisher Body. Styling handsome enough for a prince. Interiors sumptuous enough for a princess. A list of eight safety items comes standard now: front, back, inside and out. And there are engines you can order from a very satisfying Six to our 350-hp Turbo-Fire V8.
Underneath the glamour though, it’s still the same dependable Chevy II. Nimble in traffic. Eminently parkable. Roomy enough for a family and everything.”

This is a 54 yr. old original vintage ad removed from a 1966 publication and is not a reproduction of any kind.