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Vintage ads, besides just being cool to look at, are part history lesson, art exhibit, anthropology course, psychology study, lessons in marketing. These gems are great for gift giving, peace offerings, dressing rooms, showrooms, barrooms, laundry rooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, cubicles, school houses, funeral homes, boat houses, out-houses, barns, guest rooms, man-caves, dungeons, museums, brothels, churches, coffee houses, jail cells and soft sells… you get the idea. Historical paper collectors, creative decorators, and students of human nature, come on in, surf around and have fun.

Important announcement:

This site was originated by my late husband Leslie Keith McClanahan. I am going to maintain this site in honor and memory of him. Please be patient with me as I learn to navigate the site and go through the inventory. I will contact people who have placed or inquired about orders since April 2018. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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1938 Quaker Hosiery Vintage Ad - George Petty Art
1938 P.R. Mallory & Co. Vintage Ad - Welding Art
1938 Maidenform Chansonette Bra Vintage Print Ad - "Pointed Roundness"

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