1928 Town & Country Travel Vintage Ad – Stockholm


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This 1928 vintage ad for Stockholm as a travel destination from the Town & Country Travel Bureau has a view of Stockholm and the surrounding Swedish countryside with the headline, “Sun and Zakouskas”.

Year Published: 1928
Approximate overall size – inches: 4 x 12
Grade: Excellent

You lie in one and eat the other….Around the corner from this valley there are skerries…rocks run amok…fjords gone eccentric…the amazing panorama of the youngster sea running inland from an irate parent…
It is first cousin to the Rhine valley…just as romantic…just as serene…just as easy to reach and quite as hard to leave…just as deliberately bursting with the green apoplexy of trees in close formation…
A few hours away there is a capital whispered about by the mode…If a town is the Paris of the north…a Biarritz in a silver mask…if its Champs Elysées is made of water, and its evening light imported from Constantinople…if, moreover, it has an archipelago in its back yard, just to be different…what is there to do about it?”

This is a 93 yr. old original vintage ad removed from a 1928 publication and is not a reproduction of any kind.