1953 Ingalls Shipbuilding Vintage Ad | Brooklyn Pier


Year Published: 1953
Approximate overall size – inches: 10 x 13
Grade: Excellent

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This 1953 vintage ad for Ingalls Shipbuilding has a black and white photo of the SS Mormacmoon at a pier in Brooklyn with Lower Manhattan in the background and the headline, “The sun never sets on the Mormacmoon”.

“The SS MORMACMOON, first all-welded C-3 cargo vessel, has sailed over 500,000 miles since she was completed by Ingalls in 1940. A proud queen of the Moore-McCormack fleet, the Mormacmoon has sailed virtually every sea and ocean in the world carrying peacetime commodities and wartime materials.”

This is a 66 yr. old original vintage ad removed from a 1953 publication and is not a reproduction of any kind.