1969 Viatron System 21 Computer 2-Page Vintage Ad


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This 1969 2-page vintage ad for the Viatron 21 computer has a color photo illustration of bright lights superimposed on the outline of the aviation computer and the headline, “The $39-a-month revolution”.

Year Published: 1969
Approximate overall size – inches: 2 Pages at 10 x 13 each
Grade: Excellent

“Paper is not an electronic medium. It was never designed to be sent over a telephone line or fed into a computer. So it just piles up, making work as it is shuffled from desk to desk.
This make-work can largely be eliminated by handling data electronically. VIATRON provides the tools with a $39-a-month computer station you can afford to put everywhere.
With System 21 anyone can record, edit and display data. Key punch / verifier and key / tape operations are simply replaced.”

This is a 53 yr. old original vintage ad removed from a 1969 publication and is not a reproduction of any kind.

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