1952 Carboloy Hevimet Vintage Ad | Battleship Art


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This 1952 vintage ad for Carboloy Hevimet metal has a black and white art illustration of a Destroyer ship firing guns in a rolling sea with the headline, “They stay ‘on target’ with Hevimet”.

Year Published: 1952
Approximate overall size – inches: 5 x 12
Grade: Excellent

“Keeping an aerial camera or a naval gun ‘on target’ is a tough proposition in a gusty sky or rolling sea. It is a job for accurate balancing and gyroscope controls…and therefore an ideal spot for Hevimet, super-heavy Carboloy created-metal.
For Hevimet smooths out both the operation and design of gyroscopes and other stabilizing devices. It’s the world’s heaviest machinable metal. It gives maximum weight in minimum space, and has a high tonsil strength.”

This is a 70 yr. old original vintage ad removed from a 1952 publication and is not a reproduction of any kind.