1935 Ad Climax Molybdenum | Savannah & Normandie


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This 1935 vintage ad for Climax Molybdenum iron and steel has an art illustration of a line drawing of the Savannah superimposed on a close-up art illustration of the center section of the Normandie with the headline, “Marvel of her era…outclassed today”.

Year Published: 1935
Approximate overall size – inches: 11 x 14
Grade: Excellent

“WHEN the Savannah made her epic crossing of the Atlantic, she was hailed as the ultimate in steam powered vessels. Yet such succeeding queens of the sea as the Great Eastern, the St. Louis and the Deutschland reigned under the similar popular belief that the limits of size, speed, luxury and safety in ocean liners had finally been reached. Today, even while the magnificent Normandie is ushering in another epoch in ocean transportation, her alert owners are giving thought to tomorrows needs and problems.”

This is a 85 yr. old original vintage ad removed from a 1935 publication and is not a reproduction of any kind.