1947 Ad National City Bank of NY | Dean Cornwell Art


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This 1947 vintage ad for National City Bank of New York features a painting by Dean Cornwell entitled, “On Southampton Docks”. The painting has a locomotive being loaded/offloaded onto a ship.

Year Published: 1947
Approximate overall size – inches: 10 x 13
Artist: Dean Cornwell
Grade: Excellent

“The spirit of the English sea captians who roamed the seas in the age of discovery still lives in the men who guide the merchantmen to and from the British Ports. Great Britain owes her position as the leading sea carrier of international trade to the enterprise of her people. They grasped their opportunity when Britain found herself athwart the main trade routes between the Old World and the New.”

This is a 74 yr. old original vintage ad removed from a 1947 publication and is not a reproduction of any kind.

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