1935 The Homestead Vintage Ad | Velvet Greens


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This 1935 vintage ad for The Homestead resort in Hot Springs, VA has a three-color art illustration of towel clad men enjoying a cocktail in a locker room.

Year Published: 1935
Approximate overall size – inches: 11 x 14
Grade: Excellent

let’s go to the Virginia Hot Springs
…to velvet greens and air-conditioned mountains

Strange fact that one should go southward to cool off, but fact it is where this resort is concerned. Explanation: for each 300 feet that one travels upward, the average temperature drops 1 degree. At the Virginia Hot Springs, U. S. weathermen added the warmest minutes of the warmest hours of the warmest months for 37 years, averaged them, found that August’s average was 78.8°, September’s 73.6°. Thus, statistically, is corroborated what visitors have known these many years, that summers at The Homestead are delightful…It’s cool enough for vigorous people to be vigorous, and warm enough for the languid to loll on rolling lawns and watch. At night, there’s a pleasant drop to the sixties and fifties, which means the difference between obligation and ecstasy in dancing, with hours of deep sleep to follow…But, here we have you tucked in bed and we haven’t said a word about golf, or skeet, or tennis, or riding, or even driving a buckboard over the miles of especially maintained dirt roads.”

This is a 87 yr. old original vintage ad removed from a 1935 publication and is not a reproduction of any kind.

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