1963 Roses Lime Juice Vintage Ad | Cocktail Art


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This 1963 vintage ad for Roses lime juice has a black and white art illustration of various cocktails in different type glasses, a bottle of Rose’s and the headline, “How can we possibly serve Gimlets, Sours, Dickeys, Bloody Mary’s and all the rest?”

Year Published: 1963
Approximate overall size – inches: 10 x 13
Grade: Excellent

“VERY EASY. First because Rose’s has squeezed the limes for you. Second because Rose’s smooths out almost any cocktail you can name. Rose’s Lime Juice begins in the West Indies. Delicious, sun-fattened limes are harvested, sorted, washed and crushed. Then, when the juice is at its fullest flavor, it’s filtered and sweetened with pure cane sugar. The result is remarkable.”

This is a 59 yr. old original vintage ad removed from a 1963 publication and is not a reproduction of any kind.

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