1936 Hennessy Cognac Brandy Vintage Ad | Every Land


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This 1936 print advertisement for Hennessy Cognac Brandy has a black and white art illustration of people of various nationalities carrying crates denoting that nationality with the headline, “In every land and language”.

Year Published: 1936
Approximate overall size – inches: 4.75 x 12.5
Grade: Excellent

“Appreciation of fine things is not limited to race or boundary…in every land, you will find the preferred liqueur is Three-Star Hennessy, the most glorious product of the vintner’s art. The ‘clean’ taste and delightful bouquet that have won the world renown for Three-Star Hennessy are tradition handed down from one generation to another since 1765…Distilled and bottled at Cognac, France by JAs Hennessy & Co.”

This is a 84 yr. old original vintage ad removed from a 1936 publication and is not a reproduction of any kind.