1953 Corning Glass Works Vintage Ad | Picture Tube


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This 1953 vintage ad for Corning Glass Works has an art illustration of a giant television picture tube with the caption, “How the World Series got into millions of living rooms”.

Year Published: 1953
Approximate overall size – inches: 10 x 13
Grade: Excellent

“In 1946, the nation was hungry for television. But only nine thousand 7″ picture tubes were produced for the entire industry. No one knew how to produce—in volume—glass parts of the required size, shape and quality.
The problem was brought to Corning Glass Works. To find the solution, Corning had to develop a new glass…had to improve controls…had to build new machines…had to invent wholly new manufacturing methods. This included a revolutionary, new spin-casting process which swirls molten glass into odd shapes accurately, fast, and at reasonable cost.”

This is a 66 yr. old original vintage ad removed from a 1953 publication and is not a reproduction of any kind.

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