1926 Palladium Jewelry Vintage Ad | “Coming Vogue”


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This 1926 vintage ad for Palladium Jewelry by Baker & Co.,Inc and American Platinum Works has a black and white art illustration of a trio of ladies with one displaying her left hand with an inset of a hand carved wedding ring below with the headline, “The Coming Vogue in Fine Jewelry”.

Year Published: 1926
Approximate overall size – inches: 4 x 12
Grade: Excellent

“Fashion ever seeks the new ~ the novel in design, shape or material and nowhere is her wilfulness more apparent than in jewelry.
In jewelry though, it is rare indeed that a new metal comes into favor, because so few are really precious. Until platinum became the vogue, gold ruled supreme, but with its rival’s coming the need of something in-between became apparent~something to complete a trinity of precious metals of individual charm~and Palladium supplies it.”

This is a 94 yr. old original vintage ad removed from a 1926 publication and is not a reproduction of any kind.